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The LIP lab aims to investigate how and under what conditions basic psychological phenomena such as learning and evaluation take place.

A better understanding of these phenomena can have important practical implications, for instance, for our understanding of psychopathology and consumer behavior.

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  • 1 October 2022: Maura Nevenjans joins the team to do reserach on social imitation from a functiona-cognitive perspective. Welcome!
  • 12 September 2022: Sarah Kasran successfully defended her PhD. Also many congratulations to you Sarah!
  • 30 June 2022: Femke Cathelyn successfully defended her PhD. Congratuations Femke!
  • Pieter Van Dessel has received tenure as a research professor at Ghent University. Many congratulations Pieter!
  • Jan has been elected as member of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium
  • October 1st 2021: Marie Delabie joins the lab.
  • August 31th 2021: Tal Moran leaves the lab to take up a professorial position in Israel. We will miss you Tal!

Research Focus

The LIPlab focuses on the experimental study of learning and implicit (evaluative) processes. We believe that a better understanding of these phenomena can have valuable practical implications and potential societal impact.

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Our lab is located at:

Department of Experimental-Clinical and Health Psychology
Faculty of Psychology and Eductational Sciences
Ghent University
Henri Dunantlaan 2
9000 Ghent, Belgium

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